Back On Track!

by Devon DB

I have had to take a hiatus from The Prison Project for the past 8 months or so due to the general business of life. I am going to school full-time and working 8 and 9 hour shifts on the weekends, regularly leaving me with very little time to actually do anything as I either have to do scho0l work or am just generally too tired from work. I also write a large amount about foreign policy and that has taken up a lot of my time, yet I have decided to take a break from all of that in order to just focus on this project.

In a way, the time I was forced to take off was a blessing as it allowed me to rethink this project and just where I wanted to go with it. Originally, I was just going to write a general history of the prison system, but I have realized that I wanted to take it deeper, much deeper than what I am currently doing. Rather than just skimming the surface, I have come to realized that I could and need to take this project as far as I possibly can, from discussing insanity in the prison system to talking about the problems LGBT, especially trans* individuals, have to deal with.

An undertaking like this has left me quite worried about whether I am up the to the task, whether or not I have bitten off much more than I can chew and if I am even intellectually competent enough to do something like this. I honestly hope that I am up to the task, but even if I fail, I would have regretted not trying at all.

This is going to take quite a while and I hope that you’ll support me.